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Event Reports

We've recently released new reporting capabilities for organizations that utilize the Track It Forward calendar. Instead of a generic export, organizations will now have the ability to customize their report type, date range, data fields, and preferred filters! This will make it easier for site administrator to export relevant details for upcoming events and share them with other organizers. 

There are two options for exporting reports for events: 

  • Event Report - this is designed to show a list of events associated with your organization. For example, if you need to quickly run a report on the total events hosted during the month of July. 
  • Event RSVP Report - this is designed to show the details of event shifts, including current RSVPs and available spots remaining. For example, if you need to monitor current RSVP's for all events during the next 2 months. 

Other Improvements 

In addition to the type of report needed, organizations will now have additional customization options available. These options include: 

  • Customize the date range: set your preference for what events are included by limiting the export to specific dates 
  • Customize data fields: choose what information is relevant so you only export the data you need
  • Customize filters: add filters to limit your results to specific types of events, such as filtering by the status of "Available" to see which events still need volunteers 

To learn more about event reports, check out this help article