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College Preparatory Schools Can Track Study Hours With This Tool

Written by Kasey Murphy

College Preparatory Schools are an option for students to attend when they or their parents want them to, well - prepare for college! Students are put into an environment that is similar to college, where they are taking longer classes, given college and university-style exams, and given larger amounts of homework and study material.

A large part of college preparatory schools is showcasing and guiding students through studying. Studying for college and university exams is a bit different than what most high school students are used to. 

In addition to study hours, College Prepatory Schools might want to monitor tutoring or mentoring hours, or additional prep work like application preparation! 

With all of these additional events and efforts of students and college preparatory programs, it might be beneficial for the College Preparatory Schools to track what students spend their time doing, and what efforts showcase success. 

If College Preparatory Schools track student study hours, application prep hours, exam prep hours, and more - they can better showcase the efforts their school and students go through to be the best and most prepared for college! This is a great marketing tool, as well as a great way to showcase success with student alumni when they are in college and successful. 

study hours = How often are students studying outside of classes and not for tests? 

tutoring hours = How many hours are students spending in tutoring or tutoring others? 

7 Types of Hours College Prep Schools Should Be Tracking
mentoring =Do students mentor others or are there mentoring programs that college prep school offers - is it getting used? 

application drafting = For students that are ready to apply to colleges - track how many hours they spend with counselors or others preparing their application. 

group project hours = College is full of group projects - test students with their ability to work in groups, and track how often this is done! 

SAT prep hours = For students who need to prepare for SAT, ACT, or other tests - track how many hours students spend preparing for this, and compare it to their scores. 

college research hours = See how many hours students are spending researching colleges, and figure out how you can help with this process!

How To Track Study Hours 

Using a volunteer time tracking tool, College Prepatory Schools can track student’s additional efforts of hours put towards studying, preparing for college applications, and tutoring - or whatever they would like! 

Track It Forward is a volunteer time tracking tool that will work great for College Prepatory Schools, because it is customizable and can help College Prep Schools track students, and their extra efforts towards preparing for college - whatever it might be! 

1. College Prepatory Schools sign up for a Track It Forward account, and create data and questions for students to fill out when they sign in. This could be what year of school they are in, what the think they want to study, or important information like emergency contact.


2. College Prep Schools then set up how they want to categorize hours that students will log. This is where schools can add different extra efforts that students might complete, and are meant to help them succeed. Some examples are:

  • Study Hours 
  • SAT Prep Hours 
  • Tutoring 
  • Application Drafting 

3. Then, decide if students need to meet a total - these are called milestones. For example, College Prep Schools can say students need to log 20 study hours monthly. Then, each time a student completes an hour log for studying - it will go towards their milestone requirement. Students can see their progress towards their study hour requirements, and College Prep School administrators can see how many students are progressing towards the requirements, and which are lagging. 

4. Next, set up any additional fields and information that College Prepatory Schools might want to track for their students. 
Additionally, there are other options for College Prepatory Schools to set up event calendars for events or study sessions they might want to track! 

5. Finally, have College Prep Schools tell students about logging their hours, and encourage them to log their hours that they wish to track. 

After this is all set up, College Preperatory Schools can pull instant reports on their students’ progress, how many total hours their student body is committing to studying or other extra efforts, and more - depending on how the system was set up!