Approve Individual Volunteer Hours and Configure Profile Fields and other new features! | Track It Forward

Approve Individual Volunteer Hours and Configure Profile Fields and other new features!

Written by James McBryan

After working with some of the best volunteer organizers that use Track it Forward, we've developed two new features which helps you manage your volunteers easier.  Again this wouldn't have been possible without the volunteer organizers voting for these features.

Individual Volunteer Hour Approval

For many organizations, it's great that volunteers can track hours, but it's all just as important to make sure to keep records as accurate and accountable as possible.  If the hour approval feature is enabled, volunteer hours submitted will need to be approved before being added to the graphs or logs.  After a volunteer submits an hour, the volunteer coordinators will receive emails notifying that hours need to be approved.  Once the hours are approved, volunteers will no longer be able to modify their hours. 


Configurable Profile Fields

Previously, volunteers could optionally fill out a profile with their first name, last name, and phone number.  Now you can actually specify as many fields as you want and if they are required before a volunteer can log hours.  All of this happens right in the hour log so if you're using the website embed, the volunteer never has to leave your website.


Delete Volunteers from your Site

Volunteer Managers can now delete users instead of just "blocking them".  The volunteer hours will not be included in any graphs or logs.


Ability to Change Volunteer Site Owner

If you want to change the owner of the site to another volunteer, you can do that!  Just click on a volunteer and mark them as the new owner.


Unique Filenames during Exports

Ok this is a nerdy request that many of you don't care about, but it's super important.  When you export any report, we make sure that it has the date and time marked on it so you know when that export is from.  Nerdy, but really cool.