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7 Things You Can Get For Free By Just Chatting With Our Sales Team

Written by Kasey Murphy

We know that chatting with sales can be overwhelming. You might feel like you need to have your guard up not to be wooed over or fall into any psychological schemes of them trying to get a sale. Or maybe, you are not interested in talking with a sales team because you aren’t ready to purchase a product yet, and you don’t want to waste your time or the sales team’s time by chatting to gain general knowledge.  

But, we are here to bust all those myths of talking to sales teams about the software - well, at least our sales team. 

By now, you might know that Track It Forward is a time tracking software that helps volunteer programs. We work with many volunteer programs and volunteer coordinators, and managers to implement our software into their program. 

Our sales team works to find organizations that are going to be happy with Track It Forward. A sale is only a success if the organization is pleased with the software. So, there will be no pushiness to purchase our software if you are uncertain or feel it is not a good fit. Because quite frankly - that would be good for neither of us! 

Due to Track It Forward’s flexibility in implementation into a volunteer program, pricing, and features, booking a sales call or demo call is one of the best ways to fully discover the software and access resources you might not have thought of before. 

Check out all of the things you can get for FREE just by requesting a call with our sales team. All sales calls and communication are free, and do not have commitments to Track It Forward. It’ll be worth it even if you don’t end up using Track It Forward! 

Things You Can Get For Free By Just Chatting With Our Sales Team 

Track It Forward Sales Calls Are More Than Just Trying To Get A Sale.  Talking to us can help you with more than just purchasing a software system. Check out all that you can get! 

1. defined goals 
Understand your organization's goals a bit better and what a tool like Track It Forward might be able to access for you. 

2. optimized organizational set up 
Is your organization set up in the best way - or are there things you can do to make it better and more optimized for the future? We can help! 

3. insight on techniques other organizations use 

Chatting with sales is a great way to compare your organization's techniques to others, and maybe become inspired by other's successes. 

4. Outlines of the process of onboarding 
Starting to use software can feel like a blank slate, but during our demo call with sales, you will see exactly what needs to be done to set up your Track It Forward site and the process for using our software system. 

5. Instant answers to direct questions 
While our website is full of great content and our resources like the help library can answer a lot of questions - sometimes you might have a complex question or just want to know:

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1. Defined Goals 

You might feel like your organization’s goals are defined enough already, but after a sales call, you will definitely know for sure! 

Any time you are using software or organizational tools within your volunteer program, all of your goals should feel more and more attainable. During your sales call with Track It Forward, our sales associate will go over how using Track It Forward can help your volunteer program not only track time but potentially reach other goals like: 

  • Analyze volunteer impact 

  • Schedule volunteers more sparingly 

  • Motivate volunteers 

  • And more!

Our sales associate will show you how different features will help with different parts of organizing a volunteer program and how efficient software set-up might have a domino effect on other parts of your volunteer program and goals. 

2. Optimized Organizational Set-Up 

Along with defining your goals, our sales associate is experienced with seeing an organization’s structure and incorporating how Track It Forward might work within that setup - which sometimes might require some small changes for your organization to function in an optimized fashion. 

The unique thing about Track It Forward, and subsequently our sales team, is that Track It Forward can fit in and work within multiple different workflows and organizational set-ups. An organization does not have to change to use Track It Forward effectively; the software can be flexible for them. Just as using Track It Forward can help volunteer programs align their goals, it can also help volunteer programs optimize their structural set-up. 

When you meet with a sales associate, you might be able to see small breaks or issues within your organization’s workflow, set-up, or our sales associate might be able to point them out to you! We work with thousands of organizations and can often point out good outsider feedback for your organization! 

3. Insight On Techniques Other Organizations Use 

Another great thing about chatting with our sales team is that they are very experienced! They have worked with organizations with many different types of missions, focuses, and needs! They also know the ins and outs of Track It Forward and the software - even some features that might not be listed on our website! 

Whether you know of a larger organization similar to yours or not, our sales team has probably worked with an organization similar to yours and knows how to work with yours! There is no other way to look into other organization’s use of Track It Forward and time tracking software other than talking with someone from the inside. 

Talking with a sales associate familiar with an organization like yours or with your goals and workflow and can compare it to those who do use our software is a unique experience that you can only gain from having a call with our sales team! 

4. Outlines Of The Process For Onboarding

If you are unfamiliar with the process of onboarding for a software company, this is a great way to become familiar with one - even if you don’t end up using Track It Forward! 

It is good to be prepared for what occurs after a sale is made in any situation. When you have a demo or discovery call with Track It Forward, you can at least see what our process is for onboarding new volunteer programs within the software and get an idea of what it is like onboarding for any software.

You can also get a clear insight into the steps it takes to set up your Track It Forward site, invite volunteers into the site, and set up events and kiosks if you choose to. 

Talking to a sales associate will be the clearest outlines and steps for onboarding and moving forward, and you will get to see the software in action. 

5. Instant Answers To Direct Questions 

One of the most common questions in a sales call is people wondering if Track It Forward can specifically do one thing for their organization. This might be a complex feature, question, or goal that takes multiple features working together or a unique setup to complete. Our sales associate can tell you with a simple yes or no if that is possible. 

If your organization has a tricky set-up or requires a specific setting for any tool or software that you use, the quickest way to get a direct answer is by chatting with our sales. 

A call is also a great thing to receive if you are unfamiliar with volunteer software or terminology used on our website; our sales team is happy to answer questions! 

6. In-Depth Pricing Estimate 

Pricing is, of course, a huge part of software sales. Especially in the nonprofit area, we know that pricing and budgeting are critical. All of our prices are set at a nonprofit level - meaning we take into consideration that organizations are working on a budget and working with volunteers. Our software is, after all, volunteer time tracking. 

We have a pricing tool on the pricing page that can help organizations see which features they can get on each plan, and how the pricing goes up per volunteer. But, some volunteers might not count towards your total volunteer count in Track It Forward. There are a few exceptions to volunteers that count in your total for using Track It Forward, and when you talk with our sales associate, they will be able to estimate a total price better. 

Talking with sales is a great way to build a relationship with them so they can understand exactly what you need, what your volunteer count might be, and then discuss pricing options with you in-depth. 

7. Extended Resources 

Track It Forward is full of resources; we have trending articles on the Volunteer Management field topics. We also have guides for those considering using Track It Forward or wanting more comprehensive set-up tips, and we have a help library full of step-by-step explanations to specific Track It Forward settings.  

When you speak to our sales team, you won’t only get a better idea of Track It Forward, but you will be able to be directed to more resources to read and help you consider all of your options when it comes to adding a tool to your volunteer program. 

Booking a call does not have to be getting ready to purchase and start using Track It Forward. It could just be getting more information and resources! 

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It is important to note that while requesting a sales call or a demo call is important and can provide you with many answers and additional information for analysis; you should also be prepared for the call! 

These seven things are what a user can get out of a sales call that they are fully invested in. This includes some self-analysis questions for yourself before the call even is scheduled. 

  • What are your organization’s goals? 

  • What are the issues you have currently with your set-up? 

  • Are you using software similar to Track It Forward? 

  • What are your issues with the software or processes that your organization currently operates? 

It sounds cliche, but really you’ll get the most out of the sales call depending on what you put into it! The best way to prepare for the sales call is to learn more about Track It Forward and attempt to picture it in your organization. 

Here are a few things you can read or do prior to a sales call to really get the best out of it!