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Work Day at the CATS Grove

Thursday, November 17 2022

Another day to enjoy the CATS Grove and help it grow. We will be pruning trees, modifying cages, weeding and mulching. And we will be making sure that the identifying labels are present so all who come by will know what they are looking at. Bring loppers, pruners, hand hoe/rakes, wire cutters and other such items for cleaning up. Wear gloves. Bring something to drink. We will provide snacks. The Grove is in McIntire Park. You can park at the Skate Park lot or the adjacent YMCA lot. Go over the bridge to the Skate Park and hang a left to follow the mowed path into the park. The grove is in a hollow just below the Grove of Large Oak Trees on the top of the hill.

9:30am - 11:30am

Contact the event organizer, Robin Hanes