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CATS Tree ID Walk on UVA Campus

Saturday, September 25 2021

Carol Wise and Dana Denbar will be providing a tour of the Grand Trees spanning the front areas of the Chapel, the UVA Rotunda, and Brooks Hall on the University of Virginia campus. This is the area that parallels Main Street near the Corner. This walk is offered to CATS members. Sign up here through TrackItForward to be reminded to record your hours and for messages about any weather cancellation. The tour will provide information about the history of the trees and Grounds in this particular UVA area. We will be also discussing the tree species, ID characteristics, maturity, and biodiversity function.
Diirections: Parking is available in the 14th Street Garage; Central Grounds Garage at 400 Emmet Street (the Bookstore Garage); and on the Street. Please meet at 10:55 am in front of the Chapel, which is on the west side of the Rotunda.

11:00am - 12:30pm

Contact the event organizer, dana Denbar