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Greenleaf Park - Clean-up, Mulching

Tuesday, November 03 2020

IF you have already voted or can vote earlier and later this day...come join us. We are continuing our maintenance of the fern garden and woodland path. We will be weeding in the fern garden and the adjacent area planted with pachysandra and beautybushes among other plants. The english ivy continues to threaten the adjacent trees and needs to be cut back. The ground cover under the woodland path needs to be repaired and the path remulched. We will space out participants to comply with Covid spacing requirements. But be sure to bring a mask as we will be working together occasionally. Because of poison ivy, wear long sleeves and protective gloves. Tools include hand shears, hand rakes and hand spades. We will provide wheelbarrows and mulch forks. Bring your drinks. We will provide snacks (individually packaged) and hand sanitizers.

10:00am - 12:00pm

Contact the event organizer, JoAnn Dalley