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Volunteer E-Newsletters and Volunteer Week Recognition

Written by Jordan Galerkin

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Recap for February 21st - February 27th

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Facebook community this past week!

Volunteer Newsletter Templates

When it comes to creating a volunteer e-newsletter, it’s hard to know where to begin. There are plenty of online platforms available to meet your needs. For ideas and examples, check out our Volunteer Newsletter Guide, and take a look at the recommendations from our coordinator community below!

Facebook post stating: Does anyone use a template for a volunteer newsletter? Could you please share? TIA

Comments and resources

  • "I use a template from Canva they have free ones and you can save them so you just need to update the details each time we do them"

  • "Director of Volunteer Resources"

  • "I use a combination of Publisher and Canva"

  • Article: The Volunteer Newsletter Guide

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Volunteer Week Newsletters

If you already have a volunteer e-newsletter, chances are you use it to send special updates and information. One of our volunteer coordinators asked for ideas on a Volunteer Week e-newsletter, and our community came up with some creative ideas!

Facebook Post stating: Looking for ideas to make recognizing volunteer week in a volunteer newsletter more fun!

Comments from the group

  • "We [did] a buzzfeed style volunteer themed quiz last year which was a big hit. We'll do something similar this year"

  • "I've always taken the view that…in volunteer week you go above that with actual 'physical' recognition. I have made gifts, put on an afternoon tea, hosted an awards ceremony, organised a treasure hunt with a buffet at the finish, held a murder mystery night with hotpot supper...the list is endless"

  • "Highlight the last year….goals met, people served, fun stories, volunteer story highlights, have staff shout out volunteers"

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