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Vaccinated Volunteers, Volunteer Retirement, and Bulletin Boards

Written by Melissa Davis

Volunteer Coordinator Resource Community Recap 5/10-5/16

Vaccinated Volunteers 

As more volunteers become vaccinated, some organizations may start to consider lifting previous requirements for masks. Every program is different so guidelines may vary depending on your organization and the population you serve. 

Whatever you decide, it will be important to communicate openly with your volunteers about your requirements and if there are any steps they need to take. For example, will your organization require volunteers to provide proof of vaccine? If so, how will this information be tracked by your program? 

Could we discuss the CDC's announcement that masks are no longer required indoors or outdoors for those who are vaccinated (without turning it into a debate about masks or vaccines)?  
If your org will allow vaccinated volunteers without masks, how will you go about collecting the proof of vaccine?  We have 2,500 volunteers, so trying to determine the easiest way to manage.
Comments from others

  • “All of our volunteers have been asked to submit proof of vaccine if they want to work with patients. We do the same with flu vaccines each year.”

  • “We do this as well, but I use jotforms and have them upload their vaccine receipt to a link I provide them with. Then everyone is in there when I need to pull them.”

  • “We require masks with patients regardless”

  • “We are working on a waiver for our volunteers to sign. We will mention if someone is uncomfortable with others not wearing a mask to seek a staff member and we will require masks without making anyone feel targeted or uncomfortable”

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Volunteer Retirement and Recognition

Most organizations have a volunteer recognition plan for their current volunteers, but what happens when a volunteer is leaving your organization? Recognizing outgoing volunteers can be a great opportunity to celebrate all the work they’ve done and potentially keep them involved in a new way. 

Deciding how to recognize outgoing volunteers will likely depend on several factors such as their role and length of service. 

Recognition for Volunteer Retirement vs Resignation - Does your agency differentiate between Retirement vs. Resignation? Do you have a recognition process for outgoing volunteers?

Comments About Recognizing Outgoing Volunteers 

  • “All of my volunteers are seniors. We say that they are retiring from our program...they are recognized in our newsletter and at our annual recognition. They also receive a card thanking them for volunteering.”

  • “If a volunteer leaves our program it has been mostly moving or they realize it is time for them to stop driving for others. We send a certificate of thanks for their service. We give them the option to continue to receive our monthly news and training. Some drivers/volunteers will still join in for fun events.”

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Resources on Volunteer Recognition

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards can be a fun and cost-effective way to recognize volunteers and communicate key updates. Organizations can customize their content based on their primary goals, intended audience, and time of year. 

I'm working on creating a bulletin board to help showcase our volunteer program. I'm hoping some of you could share your bulletin boards for inspiration? Thanks!

Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Volunteer spotlight - recognize specific volunteers so other can get to know them and the awesome work they’re doing with your organization 

  • Who’s Who - highlight staff members so volunteers can start to learn more about your organization and the different roles of staff members 

  • Volunteer statistics - hype up all the great work your volunteers do by posting information on the total hours and impact volunteers have made on your program 

  • Announcements - showcase upcoming opportunities or program changes so volunteer stay updated 

Check out this post for inspiration or to share your own ideas!