Upgrade from an Old System | Track It Forward

Guide to Upgrading To A New Time Tracking System

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Data Import

Did you get all the data synced up?

Volunteer Adoption

How will the volunteer react to the change?

Staff Training

Will your staff still know what they have to do?

If You Do it Right, You Can Enjoy the Benefits

Cost Savings

If you were paying for an old database or a custom system, you are likely to save money moving forward.

Increase Tracked Time

With a simpler and easier system, volunteers will just track more time.

Time Saved

With a new system tailored to today's technological behaviors, volunteers and organizers alike will save time.

Follow These Steps to Upgrade Seamlessly

  1. Ensure Functional Parity

    Make sure Track it Forward is able to the do the most functional parts of your existing time tracking system. If they do not exist, make sure those pieces of functionality are actually important. If you absolutely need that functionality, please contact us to see if we have a good work around.
  2. Practice Importing Your Data

    If you need the hours or users imported, you can import them into Track it Forward with an easy copy and paste from a spreadsheet. During out import process we have a validation step to make sure the data is coming over correctly.
  3. Train the Administrative Staff

    The administrative staff probably has existing processes that they do on a weekly or monthly basis. Identify all their process and make sure you work with them to make sure they can still achieve that.
  4. Create an Online Reference to Train the New Volunteers

    The new system may be easier than your old one, but you still have to create a guide when your volunteers forget. For example, side by side diagrams of how they used to do it with how they should be doing it now is extremely useful.
  5. Shut Down Your Old System

    There are always those volunteers who don’t read any of the documentation. For those individuals shut down the old system to prevent confusion and make sure there is clear instructions on what they should now do.
  6. Cut Over Day

    Select a day to shut down the old system, import the new data, and tell volunteers how and where to log their hours on Track it Forward.