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Tracking Volunteer Hours, COVID Protocols, and Promoting Inclusion

Written by Jordan Galerkin

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Recap for December 28th - January 2nd

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How do Organizations Track Volunteer Hours?

Tracking volunteer hours is essential for a nonprofit organization. However, if you’re new to time tracking or looking to upgrade an out-of-date solution, it can be hard to know where to begin. Thankfully, Track it Forward and our volunteer coordinator community are here to help. Learn more about the Track it Forward time tracking solution here.

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Volunteering in the Time of COVID

With periodic waves and spikes during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult for volunteer organizations to keep pace and set safety guidelines. In addition to advice from our volunteer coordinator community, Track it Forward has several helpful resources on volunteer protocols during COVID.

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How to Promote Inclusion in Your Organization

There’s no underestimating the importance of tolerance, inclusion, and diversity in the workplace, even when ‘workers’ are volunteers. Coordinators can lay out guidelines in a volunteer handbook, but sometimes it’s necessary to convey these messages in other ways. Our volunteer coordinator community has come together to offer advice on how to share this important message with volunteers.

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  • "My ‘go-to’ is to sit the person/group down and talk about the values and mission of our organisation. I make it really clear what kind of behaviour will be tolerated from volunteers and that while they’re on shift they represent more than just themselves. I’m careful not to enter into debate or voice my personal opinions"

  • "We have a standards of conduct and code of ethics forms that both volunteers and staff sign…both forms end with the statement that any disregard of these rules can lead to removal from position…this gives a jumping off point for trainings and friendly reminders"

  • "We have a pretty strict ‘no discussing politics/religion’ rule at the library, especially in front of patrons"

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