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Tracking Volunteer Hours for Camellia Rose Chapter

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How the Camellia Rose Chapter in Atlanta Tracks Volunteer Hours

Rebecca Young is the VP of membership at the Camellia Rose Chapter.  One of her responsibilities is making sure all members track their annual 48 hours.  Previously, she had volunteers submit hours to her, whereupon she entered them in a spreadsheet and then had to manually transcribe them into the national database of volunteer hours.  Now with Track it Forward, all her volunteers enter their own hours on a mobile app and they can see how many hours they have tracked to date.  At the end of each month, she no longer has to collate hours or fiddle with a spreadsheet, but instead, she just pulls up a quick report with Track it Forward.

Camellia Rose Chapter is part of an international volunteer organization that has been running since 1946 and has over 280 chapters worldwide.  Their mission is to lift up their local communities, and for the Camellia Rose Chapter, they track both the following behind-the-scenes and in-the-field service hours:

  • Chapter meetings 
  • Committee meetings 
  • Facets activities 
  • Fundraising activities 
  • Program Service 
  • Other


In order to pull reports, Rebecca uses our advanced report tool each month to pull the hours done by each volunteer during that time period.

To make Track it Forward work well for their chapter, Rebecca has made the following configurations:

  • Does not require hour approval - requiring hour approval takes time and each member is responsible for their own honest reporting
  • Member charts but no leaderboards - volunteers can see their own progress and the total activity of the chapter, but an individual's progress is kept private
  • Milestones set to 48 hours starting on May 1st 2017 - the annual totals start in May and can be offset to that date

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