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Titles for Volunteer Coordinators and Virtual Workplace Tools

Written by Jordan Galerkin

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Recap for February 14th - February 20th

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Facebook community this past week!

Titles for Volunteer Coordinators

Volunteer Coordinators often wear many hats and as a result could have any number of titles! If you’re just starting or perhaps restructuring a volunteer program, you may want to put more consideration into titles. Titles can help convey the job expectations up front for potential candidates and assist in avoiding confusion later on.

Facebook post stating:

Comments from the group

  • "Volunteer administrator. Volunteer program supervisor. Volunteer engagement strategist"

  • "Director of Volunteer Resources"

  • "My title is Volunteer Specialist"

  • "We use Workforce Engagement Manager"

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Workplace Tools - Virtual Phone Systems

With so much work moving into the virtual sphere, traditional office space and systems may no longer work for your organization. We’ve talked about ways to virtually volunteer in the past, but what about virtually coordinating volunteer programs? Communication is essential, so you may want to consider virtual phone systems. Our coordinator community came together to offer some recommendations!

Do any of you use virtual phone systems in your organization? If so, what recommendations do you have? We have a largely remote staff, so having phones in our office isn't the best option anymore.

Comments and resources

  • "Ring Central isn’t perfect but I really like it"

  • "We use Grasshopper"

  • "Our office uses Mitel. It allows me to have my office calls transferred to my cell phone"

  • "We use [Microsoft] Teams"

  • "We use Dialpad! It’s easy to use and I love having it instead of a physical phone. You can also download it to your cell phone if you prefer but I primarily use it on the computer"

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