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Text Message Communications

Last updated by Jordan Galerkin on 03/15/2023

Track it Forward is excited to announce our latest feature: text message communications. Track it Forward software already offers a robust email communication service that administrators can use to reach out to all volunteers or just a subset and set up automated reminders. The new texting feature will offer another convenient way to communicate with volunteers.

Message Types

Administrators can send both general messages to volunteers or event invitations with links to sign up, as well as automated event reminders.

Site Messages

General site messages are custom messages that administrators can send to all volunteers or just a subset. Administrators can send these custom reminders and announcements to volunteers by using the Send Message action. When texting is enabled, administrators can choose to send an email, a text, or both!

Track it Forward Volunteer Texting Screenshot: Sending Messages to Volunteers

Event Invitations

When administrators or event managers create events, they can also invite volunteers to sign up for them using the invite functionality. Now, administrators can promote these events not only by email but by text message as well. The message will include a direct link to the event to streamline the sign up process. 

Track it Forward Volunteer Texting Screenshot: Inviting Volunteers to Events

Event Messages

Administrators can also reach out to volunteers who have signed up for an event using the Contact Attendees function. They can send notifications or updates about events, and the text message option is great for any last minute updates and changes.

Track it Forward Volunteer Texting Screenshot: Event Messages to Volunteers who have Signed up for Events

Event Reminders

Event organizers and administrators can set up automated communications for events. Once enabled, volunteers can choose to receive reminders via text 2 days before any scheduled event.

Track it Forward Volunteer Texting Screenshot: Example of Volunteer Text Message Reminder

Track it Forward’s new text message feature is designed to improve volunteer communication. Texting is a fast and convenient way to reach volunteers, especially those who don’t always check their emails. It’s especially useful for sending last minute updates or reminders about upcoming events and shifts. This feature is currently available to all advanced plan subscribers.