Introducing 3 New Features on Track It Forward | Track It Forward

Introducing 3 New Features on Track It Forward

Written by Melissa Davis

Notification for Approved Hours (Available Now)

Organizers can notify volunteers with a custom message when hours are approved! There are 3 options for sending a notification email for approved hours.

  1. Create a template: Customize a standard notification for everyone that is sent automatically each time you approve hours. You can create a template by going to Organizer Dashboard > Settings > More Settings > Email Templates. 
  2. Customize an individual message: When organizers approve hours individually, a custom message can be sent to each volunteer. 
  3. Customize a group message: When organizers approve hours in bulk, a custom message can be sent to all of the volunteers in the approval group. Approval notifications make it easy to keep volunteers informed so they know when hours are up-to-date!

Add a GPS field to the hour log (Beta)

You can now add a GPS field directly to the hour log to capture coordinates from volunteers logging hours on the mobile app! This makes it easy for organizations to utilize GPS capabilities for specific fields, instead of just hour verification. For instance, park volunteers can use the GPS field to report specific trail issues and concerns. This feature is currently available on our Advanced Plan only.

Offline Mode (Coming Soon)

With offline mode, volunteers can log hours from anywhere without worrying about lack of service. Once the volunteer is back in range, the hours will be processed and submitted. This is perfect for organizations that have volunteers working in remote locations and require on-site verification of hours!

If you have any questions about these features, contact our Support Team