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Full Time Equivalency, Volunteer Roundtables, and Medical Requirements

Written by Melissa Davis

Recap for August 9th - August 22nd

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Full Time Equivalency 

Many organizations rely heavily on volunteer support for the programs and services they offer. In most cases, it wouldn’t be financially feasible to replace volunteers with paid staff members. In addition to calculating the value of volunteer time, you could also calculate how many full time positions would be required to cover responsibilities. 

Does anyone have an easy or reliable way to compare how many volunteers are needed to equal a full-time paid position? 
For reference, I am trying to pull impact statistics for our volunteers and leadership wants to know how many full-time staff we would need if our volunteers cease to exist (not in the realm of possibility, just for comparison). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Suggestions from Others

  • “The Independent Sector updated the hourly rate for a volunteer to $28.54 in April of 2021.”

  • “I’ve done an equivalent to FTE before by taking the total volunteer hours and dividing them by 2,080 (8hours per day x 5 days x 52 weeks). For the value of their time, take the volunteer hours x $28.54”

  • “I compute the FTE, then multiply it by our starting salary plus benefits (base salary x 30%). That gives us a more realistic picture of what we would pay if they were on our payroll.”

  • “I’m not sure where to find it but there is a dollar amount per state.I’ve gone through Points of Light Service Enterprise certification and it was in there. So maybe try to Google that and see if they have resources on their site?”

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Volunteer Roundtables 

A great way to keep volunteers engaged with your organization is to provide opportunities outside their standard volunteer schedule. Informal gatherings, such as a potluck, can add a social element to their experience, while also providing a space for updates and announcements. 

Are volunteer roundtables still effective? My boss wants me to start instituting some sort of quarterly gathering of volunteers. My first thought was a roundtable, but that just seems so boring and I'm sure no one would want to come to that. Is anyone here doing anything fun to gather volunteers?


  • “We're having a volunteer picnic next week, our first in-person volunteer gathering since before Covid, and folks are stoked! We used to do quarterly happy hours and people appreciated the chance to just hang out together.”

  • “I'm planning a volunteer town hall for September -- on line, review of FY 21 achievements and goals for FY 22, review of handbook, celebration of volunteers who have reached milestones. We've also done some online recognition events with videos of the homeowners we served -- perhaps a testimonial from someone you've served?”

  • “We do monthly volunteer luncheons where we recognize volunteers, celebrate birthdays and give updates”

  • “We have a monthly volunteer meeting/ potluck. It’s 30 minutes of socializing and eating then another 30 minutes of what’s going on at our center. We’ve had two since our restrictions were lifted and they are very well attended. Food always brings people in”

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Medical Requirements

If volunteers are working with a healthcare organization, they will likely have additional requirements for medical records. For example, healthcare standards may require proof of a negative TB test, COVID vaccine, or annual flu shot. Make sure these requirements are communicated to potential volunteers early in the process so they know what to expect each year. 

Question for my VMs in healthcare...There's talk of changing standards for med record requirements. Typically we have required a negative TB test from the last year for all new volunteers, as well as a Hep B titer for anyone in roles w/potential BBP exposure. Sounds like the TB piece is not happening universally across systems at this same level. We are now requiring COVID vax documentation effective 10/1 as well.

What do you all require as standard for your volunteers re: med records? How often must they update? Do you require flu vax?


  • “We require a 2 step negative ppd from newbies with an annual update. A decline of hep b and proof of full vaccination to be with patients in the field. If no vaccine - can work in the office. Good luck”

  • “For volunteers with direct exposure, we require all of what you listed, yearly, but the COVID Vax requirement is new this week in California. We were dancing around what to require and what to strongly suggest, and then CA made it mandatory. Oh, and annual flu vax.If anyone declines, they can serve remote or with no patient/BBP exposure. Except the COVID Vax now, they won't be able to decline and still volunteer depending on the interpretation of the law.”

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