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How Volunteer Data Can Help You Get Grants

Use Your Volunteer Hours For Good - Apply For Grants!

Grants are hard enough to achieve as is, this mini eBook is a quick read that will help you understand grants that you can apply for, as well as how you can use volunteer hours to potentially better your chances. 

Download our Mini eBook For Advice on Finding Grants & Using Your Volunteer Hours To Help Stand Out! 

Volunteer hour data is useful for many internal programs, but it can also be used for external uses like applying to grants! Some grants might require a certain amount of volunteer hours to even apply! 

In this mini eBook you will see:

  • An explanation of Grant Fraud 

  • Different types of grants explained

  • Examples of different grants 

  • And resources for applying for grants! 

You will also learn more about how tracking volunteer hours is beneficial to apply for grants by reading the article below!