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Corporate Sponsorships, Social Media Training, and Tracking Hours for Board Members

Written by Melissa Davis

Recap for July 20th - August 1st


Corporate Sponsorships

Many companies have volunteer programs for employees to spend time at local organizations. However, in some scenarios, certain volunteer experiences may require supplies and other purchases. You may want to consider asking companies if they are willing to include financial resources to put towards the cost of their volunteer experience. 

How do you all ask a company if they have any financial resources to include with their volunteer opportunity? or am I overthinking this and should ask them just like I asked you all?

Suggestions from Others

  • “We have a group inquiry form on our website that we try to direct people to. That form gives us all the info we need about their group, and there is an option where people can state they have a budget. If they reach out to us directly and not via the form, we then offer a few opportunities available to them. We typically list the opportunity that needs a budget first and then a couple of free ones as well. This avoids the awkward "ask" and we found that if people really like the project, they will find a way to fund it even if they didn't have a budget set up originally.”

  • “If you are looking for in-kind donations around a volunteer opportunity, I would let them know what donations are needed and why. If you are just looking for general donations, you may consider including your website's donation page and asking them if they would be interested in sharing with their staff volunteers or budgeting for a donation. I would be more hesitant to do the latter, unless you can connect it to their volunteer service somehow.”

  • “You can also call it a sponsorship if you want to make it feel less like an ask, and more like a benefit to them. Sometimes we just need to shift our perspective.”

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Social Media Training

Volunteer coordinators are frequently required to perform various tasks, such as marketing, fundraising, and program management. If you’re new to certain responsibilities, look for free or low cost resources that are available for training. Certain programs may even offer special discounts for those associated with a nonprofit organization. 

Since Volunteer Coordinators are the Jack of all trades, could anyone recommend a relatively inexpensive or free social media course or certificate?

Comments from the Group

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Tracking Hours for Board Members

In addition to general volunteers, most organizations have various committees and boards that are primarily volunteers. While these leadership positions may be considered more specialized, they are still volunteers who are donating their time. Depending on your organization, you may want to include service hours for board members to fully represent the volunteer impact at your organization. 

I'm wondering about counting board/foundation members time as service hours. I know it may depend your organization's structure, but does anyone have any research/articles about ethics/best practices on this?

Comments from Others

  • “We log board meetings and committee meeting hours. We see board members as volunteers.”

  • “Even when just attending meetings, they still are donating their time.”

  • “I haven't seen anything official, I'll see if I can find anything out from The Beryl Institute or CCVA.”

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