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Community Service Directory

Last updated by Jordan Galerkin on 03/29/2024

Track it Forward is excited to announce a new feature: the Community Service Directory. This feature is designed for schools and school clubs to match student volunteers with verified volunteer opportunities in the community.

This feature is designed to make it easier than ever for students to find volunteer opportunities, directly through their Track it Forward account! Students will be able to view opportunities, contact the community organizers, and log volunteer hours all in one place.

How it Works

Any organization can use the new Community Service Directory feature to facilitate connections between volunteers and volunteer opportunities in the community.

1. Request Volunteer Opportunities

Track it Forward site administrators can share a direct link with local organizations and ask them to submit relevant volunteer opportunities for their directory. Administrators can also post volunteer opportunities on behalf of outside organizations.

Screenshot of Community Service Directory

When the outside organizations access the link, they can add details for each volunteer opportunity such as the date, location, description, volunteer requirements, and contact information.

Community Service Directory screenshot

2. Review Incoming Volunteer Opportunites

Once a volunteer opportunity has been submitted, site administrators will be notified via email to review the posting. Administrators can approve or deny opportunities individually or in bulk. The approval process allows organizations like schools to be sure their student volunteers are able to find appropriate, verified volunteer opportunities.

Community Service Directory screenshot

3. View Approved Volunteer Opportunities

Once volunteer opportunities are approved, volunteers will be able to view them when they click the Service Directory link on their Track it Forward dashboard.

Community service directory screenshot

Volunteers can click the ‘Learn More’ button to view specific opportunity details such as the location, organization information, and volunteer requirements. If a volunteer is interested in an opportunity, they can use the ‘Contact Organizer’ button to send an email message directly to the organization from Track it Forward.

Community Service Directory screenshot

On the next screen, volunteers can preview a default message and make any necessary edits before sending the email.

Community Service Directory Screenshot

The designated contact person for the volunteer opportunity will be notified and can follow up with the requesting volunteer directly via email to confirm and provide more information. This feature is currently available for Premium and Advanced plan subscribers.