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  • Move Off Of Paper Forms
    Transferring from paper & spreadsheets to a digital system is ideal but can be confusing for your volunteers.
  • Start a New Volunteer Time Tracking Program
    Starting a time tracking program from scratch is hard and it's more than just selecting the right service.
  • Upgrade from an Old System
    Moving to a new tool is challenging for staff and volunteers, make sure you do everything possible to make it simple.

Some of the Organizations Using Track it Forward...

Why These Organizers Track Volunteer Hours

Parent Volunteer Hours
“We have over 400 families to keep track of. There’s no comparison.” - Melanie Bargar
Volunteer Hours
“Tracking volunteers is easier now that we have Track it Forward, especially because we can automatically generate forms and reports.”
Membership Requirements
Managing a large volume of volunteers across different departments, events, and activities can seem daunting. This organization does it right.
Parent Commitment Hours
Something that used to take up to three weeks out of the school year at a time to organize now takes only 4-5 focused hours . “I feel like the thing runs itself” - Karen
Service Requirement
Tracking volunteer hours is vital for NHS chapters like Mount Si, because they want to make sure all of the students in the club meet their service requirements.
Student Service Hours
“It really fits our needs. It’s a great value. The students are enjoying the autonomy. I can’t say more wonderful things about Track it Forward.” - Shirley Rexrode

Priced Right for Grassroots & Nonprofits

Free Tracking
less than 25 volunteers
Basic Tracking
priced per 100 volunteers
Limited Features
Premium Tracking
priced per 100 volunteers
Most Features
Advanced Tracking
200 volunteer minimum
All Features

We Help With Much More Than Just Hours

Check In Kiosk

Volunteers check-in and check-out, and then the hours are logged automatically.

Selfies, Signatures, and GPS

Easily verify your volunteers by collecting the right information.

Website Integration

Embed time tracking & volunteer registration all on your own website.


Schedule Events & Allow Volunteers to Sign Up and Track Hours for them.

Valuable Reports

See progress with our instant graphs, or customize and export detailed reports.

Simply Mobile

Volunteers can log hours on the go with our mobile app on Android or iPhone.
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If You're a Part-Time Volunteer Coordinator...

You're in good company! Our founder, James McBryan, has been a part-time volunteer coordinator for 11 different organizations and writes weekly about how to translate workplace management to volunteer management. You're busy, so learn it the right way the first time.

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