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Volunteer Jobs For Seniors, Retirees, And The Older Population

Written by Kasey Murphy

If you have a larger volunteer program, with diverse ages and backgrounds - congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment! 

Oftentimes, volunteer activities and roles are catered towards younger participants. As volunteerism is extremely important to promote to the youth, it is also equally important to provide an adequate environment for older volunteers to participate in volunteer activities as well! 

Volunteerism in seniors, retirees, and older populations is a great way for adults to socialize and strengthen their connection to their community. It also allows retirees to have a hobby and introduce themselves to new skills and tasks, all while supporting a good cause! 

Now, you might be wondering - why do we have to separate volunteers based on age? And, there are a few reasons why an organization might want to do this! 

  • To allow volunteers to feel more comfortable with other volunteers and have more common ground. 

  • To accommodate for any issues that may arise with age - physical activities especially. 

  • To make a greater connection between volunteers and yourself, as a Volunteer Coordinator, by personalizing tasks for certain groups.

We have brainstormed some ideas for different volunteer jobs for seniors and retirees and put them into different categories which might be limiting or encouraging you to go a different route specifically for older adult volunteers. 

Different Types Of Categories For Adult Volunteers

Elderly | Physically Limited
Find activities that are low-impact and easygoing.
These might be administrative duties or more behind-the-scenes tasks. But you can make them fun with making it a group activity or taking suggestions from the volunteers.

Adults | Limited Time
Quick volunteering activities.
These activities might have a physical aspect, but they are mostly social and allow volunteers to do leisurely activities within volunteering. 

Retirees | New Motivation
Wanting to volunteer to make a difference! 
Occupy these volunteers' time with activities that are a direct indication of volunteer value and are able to showcase how important their time is!

Volunteer Jobs For Elderly - Physically Limited 

If you have volunteers who are older and not as mobile, you should consider volunteer jobs and volunteer roles that cater to low mobility and not as much of a challenge on a physical aspect. 

  • Reaching out to donors on the phone! 

  • Planning events or behind-the-scenes activities 

  • Doing check-in and check-out of events, or even for other volunteers! 

  • Working in the office setting on administrative duties like a front desk or answering phones.

Volunteer Jobs For Adults - With Limited-Time & No Requirements 

When adults are middle-aged and still working, they are probably not limited physically, but maybe with their time commitment! Here are some volunteer jobs for them. Hands-on social experiences are probably going to be best! 

  • Sorting through item donations. 

  • Community marketing - like representation at a garden center, or at a community event like a gala.

  • Working with children or animals. 

  • Gathering decorations, or supplies, or running errands for events. 

  • Driving other volunteers, or younger volunteers to events. 

Volunteer Jobs For Retirees - Looking To Make New Commitments 

Retirees have some more time they might want to volunteer, and they might want to feel like they have more of a purpose since they do not have work! Retirees are perfect for volunteer jobs that are close to an organization’s mission. 

  • Going to local businesses and asking for partnership and support. 

  • Reaching out to other charitable organizations like Junior League, Junior Auxiliary, etc., and speaking about your organization. 

  • Running a community outreach or event planning committee. 

  • Helping with volunteer orientation or mentorship programs 

If volunteers have limitations, you can definitely think outside of the box and find a way to contribute and make sure they have an opportunity to be involved in all the ways that they want to! There are volunteer jobs for everyone, any age!