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Boost Your High School Service Club Program Management For Free!

Written by Kasey Murphy

If you are a high school service club administrator or someone who works in schools that have high school service clubs - you just bumped into an offer of a lifetime! 

We are Track It Forward, and we are providing high school service clubs with FREE software! Our software helps organizations that have volunteers - like high school service clubs - keep track of volunteer hours, help them sign up for events, and work towards a goal! 

Every feature that this software has goes towards an effort to make volunteering time tracking easier. 

While High School Service Clubs are not all about volunteering and community service, there is a good portion of the activity that revolves around community service and tracking the amount that students volunteer for their community. 

Many high school service clubs don’t see why they would need software like ours to track their student volunteer hours. But, here are some problems that using digital software like Track It Forward can solve. 

  • No more paper forms being lost. (Or ineligible handwriting) 

  • Students can track their hours from a mobile device, right after volunteering (no more “forgetting” 

  • School Service Clubs can ask students to attach photos, digital signatures, or GPS pins to their hour log - for proof of volunteering. 

  • Hours are automatically added up on a student’s behalf and on the service club as a whole. The hour totals are visible to both students and admins! 

  • All data is saved to a backend. 

Plus, Track It Forward has other features like a Check-In Kiosk and an event calendar to help high school service clubs keep track of meeting attendance and automatically track hours. 

Using a digital format of student volunteer hour tracking for high school service clubs allows students to be more involved in their volunteer hour tracking process, which in turn allows admins to focus on more important tasks instead of spending their time tracking hours and running reports. 

As you hear people say all the time, there’s an app for that, and right now IT IS FREE! 

Help your high school service club track volunteer hours more efficiently and be able to pull reports instantly!!