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“Snakes of Louisiana with Fred Mattingly”

Saturday, June 01 2019

YOU MUST REGISTER WITH RUE: call 985-626-1238 or email Rue@northlakenature.org.

Fred Mattingly, a local community snake enthusiast at heart, will share his wealth of knowledge and introduce you to Louisiana’s “Cool” Native Snakes. Snakes have fascinated Fred his entire life and he will bring his small collection so you can get really close and observe their cool behavior and learn about their habits! Then, explore the many hidden treasures at the Northlake Nature Center as you are guided through the diverse ecosystems and hike the trails as you learn about the importance of preserving our environment for our native wildlife species to survive. See the 10 snake information posts donated to NNC by Eagle Scout candidate Bradley Bouton.Free for Members, Non-members-$5.00.

Date: June 1 at 10am til 12

10:00am - 12:30pm
Snake Talk CE
Continuing Education Hours

Contact the event organizers: Alanna Frick