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Trees Lexington plants trees and inspires people to grow a more vibrant community.

Trees Lexington is a non-profit that empowers community members to dig in to the fun and fulfilling work of expanding and maintaining our local tree canopy. Through community tree plantings, tree giveaways, and educational workshops on proper tree care, Trees Lexington increases canopy cover, improves the health of our citizens, and preserves the character of our city.‚Äč

Trees Lexington advocates for a healthy and equitable tree canopy. With two highly regarded arborists on our board, we are a trusted voice on Lexington tree matters. We work to reduce the tree gap so all residents have access to the benefits that trees provide. Our goal is to protect and expand Lexington's urban forest, focusing primarily on private property, which makes up 73% of plantable space in Lexington, Kentucky. Our work supports a citywide endeavor to increase our tree canopy from 23% to 30% in the next 10-15 years.

Trees play a pivotal role in addressing climate change, air pollution, water quality, and are essential to human health and well-being. We partner with neighborhoods, businesses, schools, places of worship, and local government to plant the right trees in the right places and maintain existing canopy, ensuring a healthy, long-lived urban forest.

Working together, we enhance the beauty of our community and nurture civic pride, connectivity with our neighbors, and stewardship of our environment. The tree canopy we cultivate today will enrich the legacy of the Lexington we leave to future generations.

P.O. Box 1046, LEXINGTON, KY 40588