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Thank you for your commitment to the Tomorrow River Community Charter School. We value your interest in participating in the mission of our school by donating your time and expertise to supporting our staff, students and community. At TRCCS, we aim to develop the whole child through nature, art, movement, language, and music in an innovative, collaborative, and supportive educational environment based on inspiration from Waldorf, Environmental Education, and other proven pedagogy.

The volunteer opportunities to support this initiative are varied, and range from grounds support at the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station, to fundraising and public relations, to working one on one with students, preparing handwork projects, or taking daily hikes. Wherever your interests lie, it is likely that there is room for you. This is after all, a community school. As such, we ask each family to commit to 40 hours of their year towards volunteering. If you wish to initiate something that hasn't been offered, or listed on this site, please feel free to suggest it. Any proposals can be brought to your classroom teacher, or staff. Please feel free to contact Brigid Ferkett at

10186 County Road MM, Amherst Junction, WI 54407

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