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Welcome to the St. Theresa Catholic School Family Service Program Tracking Website! On this site you can log all of your service hours as well as view and sign up for the following volunteer service events: Morning Drop-off, School Office Helper, Lunch & Recess Volunteer, and classroom help for specials. Note: you must be background compliant to view and to sign up for these events.

One of the keys to our school's success is its parent involvement. To that end, parents/guardians of students at STCS are required to complete 16 hours of family service. All service hours earned will be submitted online exclusively using "Track It Forward." The year for counting service hours is from June 10, 2023 and ends June 7, 2024 (the last day of school). Any hours earned starting on June 8, 2024 will count towards the 2024-2025 school year.  Service hours must be entered into Track It Forward by June 7, 2024 at noon. 


1. If it is your first time visiting Track It Forward, you will need to create an account. Each household may share an account and may use either parent's name or both on the account. However, all names on the account must be background compliant in order to view and sign up for volunteer events requiring compliance. (Families with two households may have separate accounts, but the accounts will be linked to accrue service hours for the entire family.) If you already have an account, sign in.
2. Enter the number of service hours earned. Please use the following as a guide:
1 hour = 1
45 minutes = .75
40 minutes = .67
30 minutes = .50
20 minutes = .33
15 minutes = .25
3. Enter the Date Volunteered.
4. Select the Activity from the pull down menu.
5. In Notes enter the name of the Chairperson/Coordinator/Room Parent/Teacher for the activity and a short description of your service activity. Examples: classroom help/art; auction/decorations
6. Click on the "Submit Time" button.
7. Pending and approved service hours will be displayed under "Timesheet".


1. Login. Click on "Events" at the top of the page to view the calendar of volunteer events. Click on an event to view details and/or to sign up for a shift. Click on the "+" signs for more information. Please take your volunteer commitment seriously. STCS relies on its volunteers.
2. To remove yourself from a shift go to the event. Click on the "+" next to the number of volunteers for the shift, and then click on the red "x" next to your name. Notify the school office ( or 703-729-3577) if you must cancel less than 24 hours ahead of time.

There are apps for Track it Forward in the Apple & Play stores so you can enter your hours on the go once you have created your account.

If you have further questions, please contact Family Service Program Coordinator at

21370 St. Theresa Lane, Ashburn, VA 20147