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Welcome to the St. John Academy Volunteer site. This is where all parents are asked to log the hours you give in volunteering at our school. At SJA, the PTO abides by a "Fair Share Hours Program" (p. 34, Student Handbook). Parents are asked to perform 12 hours (6 hours in single parent families) of volunteer service to the school and/or PTO during the school year. A family may choose to "buyout" of their obligatory 12 hours (see Handbook). All hours must be completed or payment made by the end of the school year in order for parents to receive the end of the year report card or for student transcripts to be sent to another school. A list of volunteer opportunities can be found at the beginning of the school year, throughout the school year in the school newsletter, or through your Room Parent or PTO Board. All parents are required to track their own volunteer hours through this website. For additional information, please contact the PTO via email Thank You!

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