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Family Participation Hours for RSS:

Volunteers are part of our crew and an integral part of the education provided at Renaissance Secondary. We value the knowledge, insight and skills of our parents, and openly welcome parents to participate in our school community.

**At RSS, we ask all families to participate in a minimum of 20 hours of service to the school (or a minimum of 25 hours if you have multiple students) each school year.

**Any single parent households will only need to meet half of the requirement and complete 10 participation hours.

Hours must be logged in Track it Forward prior to the last day of school.

Volunteer shifts in the commons/courtyard/gym during lunchtime count for double hours. Hours volunteered at these times may be logged as double the amount of time volunteered.

Families may choose to 'buy down' their volunteer hours by making a financial contribution in lieu of participation hours at $20 per hour. Financial contributions must be received by the last day of school to be counted. You may 'buy down' your volunteer hours by logging into My School Bucks and choosing RSS School Store, Browse All Items, RSS - Volunteer Hours buy-down.