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Piedmont has a distinguished tradition of achieving the honorable. We are now proud to officially honor the over 1200 Piedmont Piedmont Service Members listed so far who have bravely served our country in the US military and the foreign service from WWI to the present. The Wall of Honor exhibit will be an extension of the Ambassador Christopher Stevens Memorial collection at the Piedmont High School Library.

Students and the community will have access to a repository of over 1,200 Piedmont service members - searchable by scrolling, name, branch of service and graduating class on an interactive kiosk inside the library, on your mobile device, or home computer. As future Piedmont Service Members answer the call to serve in any of the US Military or Diplomatic Services, the "wall" will grow. WoH organizers will actively seek to add remarks, photos and personal stories of service from those included in the repository and alumni contributers.

PO Box 11139, Piedmont, CA 94611