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Calendar Updates. Check the calendar often for updates as they happen all year long. For the upcoming school year most events needing volunteers for August-December are posted by mid-August and January-June are posted by late-November. If an event is not listed, you may still log your hours. You'll be notified in the summer mailing of any changes and improvements to our website. Parent hours begin on July 1st and end on June 30th for the current school year.

How many service hours are required? Parents are asked to volunteer 20 hours per two-parent household or 10 hours per parent for single-Parent households. It seems like a lot, but it’s not – you’ll earn them before you know it! Any and all donations to La Salle for events, sports, arts, Crystal Ball, etc. will also count towards service hours, $20 = 1 hour. Note: Unfulfilled hours are billed at the rate of $20 per hour missing.

Who enters my completed service hours? Parents enter their own hours. It is strongly suggested that you log hours as you earn them so you don’t forget.

How are service hours tracked? Through the website. There is a service hours report that indicates how many hours a family/individual has completed. This report is used by the school to send out letters at the end of the school year.

What happens after I log my service hours? The event coordinator will verify the volunteer hours and will approve the hours accordingly.

What if I donate a Refreshment/Goods item but need/want to drop it off, how will they know? Attach a sheet of paper to the donated item with the following information: Your name, your student's name and year, the item name and quantity donated. This will then be verified by the event coordinator after you have logged your hours.

What happens if I do not complete my service hours? You will receive a letter with your balance due to school. Unfulfilled hours are billed at the rate of $20 per each hour missing. Note: If you feel an error has been made in your hours, please contact the person shown in the letter and they will be happy to help sort out any discrepancies.

What is the service hour reporting period? June 1st - May 31st. Hours earned apply only to the current school year and are cleared prior to the start of the next school year (i.e., June 1st).

What is the Deadline for entering service hours? All hours for the current school year must be entered by May 31st to meet the deadline for the reporting period to avoid being charged for unfulfilled hours.

Can I see how many hours I’ve completed? Yes. Through your volunteer dashboard on the Track it Forward system, you can log hours, view your total hours submitted and milestone progress, sign up for events and more.

How you can earn hours (here’s a sampling):
• Signing up for one (or multiple) No Cost Fundraisers = 1 hour
• Parents Association Officers, Booster Officers and Committee Chairs = 20 hours. Note: Recorded by the Service Hours Coordinator
• Committee Members – Actual time spent.
• Hospitality – Actual time at event (Set-up, Clean-up, Serving Refreshments at various hosted events and/or meetings)
• Chaperones – Actual time at event (School Dances and Field Trips)
• Home Baked Goods – 1 hour/2 dozen cookies or similar (Providing cookies, cakes, fruit platters for school events) (make sure to label your goods using the Refreshment-Goods Donation form mentioned above) w/name, student and amount)
• Store Bought Cookies/Desserts/Pastries – 1 hour/$20 spent on goods (Providing cookies, cakes, fruit platters for school events) (make sure to label your goods using the Refreshment-Goods Donation form mentioned above) w/name, student and amount)- MUST PROVIDE CURRENT RECEIPT SHOWING DOLLAR AMOUNT FOR GOODS BEING DONATED- RECEIPT MUST BE $20 OR MORE TO RECEIVE PARENT HOURS CREDIT
• Physical Activities – Actual time spent, plus Cost of Material (For every $20 spent – 1 hour) (Building Props, Cheer Boxes, Field Maintenance, etc.)
• Administrative Support – Actual time spent (Library, Student Physicals, Photography, Newsletter, Office Help, Van Driver, etc.)
• Sports Events – Actual time spent (Ticket Sales, Snack Bar, Security, Statisticians, Timers, etc.)
• Snacks/Dinners – Actual cost of meal or snack (For every $20spent – 1 hour) (snacks & refreshments for team sports, team or cast dinners)
• Meeting Attendance/Participation – 1 hour per parent (Parents Association Meeting or Academic/Arts/Athletic Booster Meetings; Parent Education series, etc.)

Attending games, plays, musicals, fundraisers, back to school nights, parent conferences, etc., do not count towards service hours.

There are service opportunities that may not be specifically listed in the newsletter which count for parent service hours such as driving athletes to games; chaperoning field trips/events; judging speech and debate tournaments; career day; and the like. Additionally, some events credit more hours than actual time spent due to the nature of the event or expertise required. Check with the Coordinator, Faculty or Administrator involved for specific needs and service hours earned and be sure those hours are logged in.

Please note: Donations of cash and/or items to the school and all school related events do not earn service hours; this includes donations made to the Annual Giving Program, Crystal Ball, and Arts/Academic/Athletic Booster Fundraiser, as well as in-kind donations of school supplies and/or equipment.

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