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This is the new volunteer recording platform for Georgia State Parks, Historic Sites and Wildlife Resources Division. In this system, you will have access to see your hours logged to keep track of your history in our system.

Parks volunteers, as of December 2014 past hours logged as a volunteer for Georgia State Parks have been added to this tracking platform. Please note that these are NOT Friends hours. Friends' volunteers must be tracked through Friends chapters.

*If you are a couple that volunteers together, please just record your hours as a couple. You will reach your incentive levels faster that way!

Parks Volunteers Incentive Levels
-Lifetime Achievement Award - 30,000 Rewards points & 5000 hour Pin (5000 hours)**Lifetime Plus for those over 5000 hours are awarded every additional 1000 hours.
-Platinum Level - 15,000 Rewards points & 3000 hour Pin (3000 hours)
-Gold Level - 15,000 Rewards points (2000 hours)
-Silver Level - 15,000 Rewards points & 1000 hour Pin (1000 hours)
-Bronze Level - 7500 Rewards points (500 hours)

*If you don't have an account, go ahead and Sign up then log your hours and it will be reviewed and approved accordingly.