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Hidden Valley Garden Volunteer

Friday, December 07 2018

The children have noticed our planter box is empty of all of it's summer treasures! We have begun to discuss what may go in there next, many ideas swirling around the play yard. As we are continuing to care for each other, this is a great opportunity to learn to care for plants.
We would like to facilitate a group of parents to once a week work with a group of children and a teacher to help plant and maintain our winter garden. This long term project work will help the children to understand the responsibility of taking care of a living thing. They will see the plant at its start and begin to realize the effect their bodies and minds have on others. We will discuss what plants need to grow and how we can provide a safe space for them to do so, as well as patience as we wait for them to ripen before taking what they give or to simply enjoy their beauty and positive effect on our world.
Ideally, one or two parents would come in each week, each time a different day to allow all children the opportunity to participate. If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity please sign up!

8:30am - 9:00am
Provide Plants
Provide Plants
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9:00am - 10:00am
Garden Volunteer
Garden Volunteer
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