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Level 1 Training Class

Saturday, May 28 2022

This is the first part of KRDP's programmer training class. Attendees will gain a basic understanding of the history of U.S. radio with an emphasis on community radio; learn what the FCC is and how it regulates broadcast media in the U.S.; what the DMCA is and how it regulates streaming media and its relationship to copyrighted materials; gain an introduction to our studio set-up; and learn how to record basic audio content with production of a pre-recorded legal ID as a culminating project.

*KRDP training classes are limited to six registrants per month. First come first served. Training class fee is $15 per person and covers admission to the Level 1 course and lunch. You will need to register separately for the Level 2 course scheduled on Sunday.

If you have any dietary restrictions for lunch please communicate that information along with any additional questions you have to Calvin Worthen - calvinworthen@listen2krdp.com.

Click This Link to Pay $15 Class Registration Fee (covers Level 1 training fee only): https://listen2krdp.com/product/krdp-level-one-class-registration/

10:00am - 2:00pm

Contact the event organizers: Kaja Brown