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GPS Auction at Convergence - Tear Down

Sunday, July 07 2019

GPS Auction at Convergence - Tear Down to prep for move out. We are on a shortened timeline this year due to incoming events at the Hyatt, so we need many hands and good focus to be packed and ready for pick up at 5 pm.

2:00pm - 4:00pm
bag up unsold items (as can fit in bags), starting in front corner opposite office space and working around.
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Inventory Packers
Follow baggers to pack up unsold items into inventory bins, being mindful to put heavy noncrushables on the bottom and more delicate items toward the top
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Grid wall dissassembly
Follow Inventory Packers taking down the grid walls.
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Display Packer
"Go around for any remaining display pieces and hardware, pack away. Take down and wrap plastic shelving in office. Help Auction Head tear down office and pack away."
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Contact the event organizers: Kathye Coyle