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St. Bernard Bird Festival

Friday, May 03 2019

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FRIDAY MAY 3, 2019
9:00 am till Birding Festival Begins (Students from Gauthier Elementary and
4:30 pm St. Bernard Middle Schools will be arriving until Noon)
Bird Capture and Banding (Audubon Louisiana Tent)
Wood Carving Exhibit (Woodcarvers’ Tent)
St. Bernard Art Guild Exhibit (Art Guild Tent)
Purple Martin Exhibit and Presentation (Purple Martin Tent)

10:00 am *Guided Birding Tour (Sign In Sheet—Audubon LA Tent)

10:30 am “Wind in My Feathers” Exhibit and Presentation (Wind in My Feathers Tent)

1:00 pm **Presentation) “Everything You Wanted to Know about Purple Martins—Our Insect-eating Migrant Birds from the Amazon Valley” (Krista Adams)

2:00 pm *Guided Birding Tour (Sign In Sheet—Audubon, LA Tent)

4:30 pm Bird Festival ends for today

* All birding tours will begin at the Audubon Louisiana Tent and last approximately one hour. Birding sites are approximately three miles away from the Bird Festival grounds. Visitors must provide their own transportation.

**Krista Adams’ presentation will be held inside the Historic Beauregard Courthouse

9:00am - 4:30pm
Bird Festival Birding
Continuing Education

Contact the event organizer, Alanna Frick