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Set Loading / Unloading: Loading Up of Sets, Monday After Festival, May 8

Monday, May 08 2023

SFDS Festival 2023

Double Festival Weekend Hours! Due to the importance of this committee and the reality of physical labor required, this is the only festival area in which festival weekend hours can be earned outside of festival weekend. If a parent is unable to be present festival weekend, they can still earn their festival hours by working the Unloading of Sets on Friday, April 28 and Loading Up of Sets on Monday, May 8 - working both of these days earns 12 Festival Weekend Hours.

We need at least 10 strong, able bodied men. This is a safety issue. Those sets are very heavy and it takes 4 or more men to lift and carry them. Please wear appropriate work clothing, shoes, and gloves for manual labor.

Thank you!

2:00pm - 5:00pm
6 / 12

Contact the event organizers: Faris Trevor