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Preschool Boutique Volunteer Opportunities for Big School Families

Wednesday, December 07 2022

Our Preschool Christmas Boutique runs from Monday December 5 through Thursday Dec. 8. All classes have a turn to shop and parents are welcome to shop anytime we are open! Big School families may earn 3 hours of Track It Forward service hours (2 shifts/ 2 dozed baked goods). Everyone is welcome and needed! We will be especially thankful for the previous experience of our Preschool Pup alum families- think of this as a nostalgic Homecoming event (lol)!!!!!

Another SWEET thing is we are having a Bake Sale and need some Sweet Treats!!! This is one of the most popular tables at the boutique and we need help filling it up with yummy desserts for recess and lunch time! 2 dozen baked goods/$25 = 1 service hour. Please include the family name and grade so we can track for approval.

Donuts are the most popular, followed by (full-sized) cupcakes and cookies (especially the frosted kind with sprinkles you can find at Ralph's!) If you have any questions, please contact Kelly McAndrews - kelly.mcandrews@gmail.com.

See which grades are shopping when on the attached worksheet

Please log hours under Preschool Christmas Boutique

8:00am - 8:00am
2 Dozen Baked Goods
Please bring them right to the auditorium bake sale after drop off in the morning. The tables will be on the left side at the front of the auditorium. Thank you!
3 / 4
8:15am - 9:45am
Help with whatever is needed during the boutique
4 / 6

Contact the event organizers: Ford Jerri