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4 - Yearbook Team (Photography) 2022-23

Tuesday, August 01 2023

Help the yearbook team throughout the year by volunteering to photograph your class (not just your child) during the different class activities and school events. Photographers work together to make sure there is always at least one photographer at each event. Reminder emails are sent out prior to event so available photographers can attend and shoot. Point of contacts are Leo Veleff (lveleff@me.com), Brian Fink (tryfinknow@gmail.com), and Teresa Dastolfo (direct link below).

PHOTOGRAPHY/UPLOAD - It is important that you upload your photos within 4 days in order for Leo to use them and for you to receive credit for your time. Photo submissions should be edited and loaded upright. There is no yearbook without pictures so please remember to upload. THANK YOU for volunteering!
Parent volunteers will get hours for ALL work done for the yearbook (photography and editing), but remember that ONLY 5 of those hours count toward "on campus" hours. Any hours above the 5 "on-campus" will go into an overflow which will still be credited to your family for the school year.

Please log hours under Yearbook

Class Photographer
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Contact the event organizers: Dastolfo Teresa