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Kinder Graduation Preparations II

Friday, May 08 2020

A Photographer or someone with a "good" camera is needed to volunteer to take a photo of each child with the Kinder teachers for the framed photos and a class photo for the graduation cake. Photos should be taken on 5/8, please make arrangements with Mrs. G. The individual photos need to be printed on 4x6 photo paper

2 volunteers are needed to help in the classroom while the teachers are having their pictures taken with kids. Please coordinate with Mrs. G and the photographer.

1 volunteer is needed to sit with the kids individually to ask them what they liked best about each teacher (these responses will be needed for the graduation day thank you's to the teachers (A SRC will read them out loud at the breakfast).

No shifts have been set up for this event yet.

Contact the event organizer, Kramer Keathley Clare