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Kinder Graduation Preparations VI

Monday, June 08 2020

Please volunteer to help set up the gym or to make a donation of items.

Please have all donated items delivered by 8 am on the day pf set-up (1 day prior to graduation).

1:30pm - 4:30pm
Please place an order at Ralphs a week prior to set-up and deliver 5 Hawaiian Leis to school 1 day prior to the graduation. The leis should be placed in the refrigerator t keep them fresh. A receipt for reimbursement may be submitted or you may receive hours in exchange for the amount spent ($25 = 1 hour)
Donation - 1 hour will be given
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Please place an order for 40 Bulldog Cookies, individually wrapped. (Not Cupcakes). The cookies should be decorative and be delivered the day before graduation, individually wrapped.
Donation - 1 hour will be given for the ordering of the cake. If you would like to submit your receipt for reimbursement you can otherwise you will receive 1 hour for every $25 spent.
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Contact the event organizer, Kramer Keathley Clare