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8 - Field Trips 2019-20

Sunday, December 15 2019

Please volunteer for ONE of the following Field Trips. EACH FAMILY NAME is allowed to sign up for ONE field trip per year. No exceptions!

8:00am - 8:00am
March Field Trip (Date TBD) - Please donate 35 water bottles for the Shane's Inspiration Field Trip - This does not count as a field trip sign-up
Volunteer - 1 hour will be given
1 / 1
8:00am - 3:00pm
September 25. (time TBD) Japanese American Museum
5 hours will be given
4 / 4
8:30am - 2:00pm
March Field Trip (Date TBD) - Please volunteer to drive children to the Shanes Inspiration Field Trip. Drivers License and Proof of Insurance must be submitted to the office 1 week prior to the event. Please let us know how many children you can drive.
Volunteer - 5 hours will be given
8 / 8

Contact the event organizer, Miller Eric