School-Wide Event - Mock Trial

Mrs. Colucci can use attorney help with Mock Trial. If you are an attorney and would like to help, please see or email Mrs. Colucci Dates TBD as the schedule has not been set-up yet. Any names listed as a volunteer without the approval of Mrs. Colucci will be deleted.

What is Mock Trial?
Junior high students from around the county compete in the Constitutional Rights Foundation's (CRF) annual Mock Trial Competition in November. The CRF creates a criminal case with a fact pattern based on real cases of legal and social significance. Eight witness statements are written, so some team members must learn those parts so that they can testify and be cross-examined in a trial. Others act as attorneys for the prosecution or defense and must learn the whole case and basic legal concepts to perform their roles. Other team members act as bailiff or clerk. Those with a talent for art can be a courtroom sketch artist, and others may perform as journalists who report the case. Each team member must have a basic understanding of the process and other parts so that they can cover for others if needed.

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An attorney may lead the Mock Trial Session. Dates TBD
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