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Benton Welty Field Trip

Friday, March 03 2017

This field trip is to the Benton Welty School House located at 1225 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA 95603. We will participate in a guided tour of the museum. Donations for students to attend this field trip are encouraged. If you are a chaperone you are required to pay admission.

We are going to need drivers for this field trip and a seat for every child. In order to be a driver or a chaperone one you must be fingerprinted. If you are a drive you must be fingerprinted and turn in a driver's packet to the office (must include DMV printout, copy of driver's licence, proof of insurance and liability). Only sign up if you have turned in the paperwork above. You will be notified after you turn in all of the paperwork if you have been approved by myself or office staff.

As a chaperone you will be responsible for a group of students while touring the facility. If weather allows you also be staying to have lunch on site. As a driver/chaperone you are also responsible for the tour as well as taking students directly to the venue and directly back to campus with no stops in between. All students are checked into the office first and will be escorted by the chaperone back to class once the teacher has arrived. If you decide to leave with your student after we return to school you must check them out with the office staff before leaving the campus.

8:30am - 10:00am
5 / 8

Contact the event organizer, Christina Cowan