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Course Marshall at Mountain Biking Race

Saturday, February 17 2024

Get a front row seat to watch the Damien/St. Lucy's/Pomona Catholic Mountain Bike Racing team compete at their first race this season! The race is held at Lake Perris which is about an hour from Damien. Saturday is middle school racers, Sunday is high school. Our team is proving the course marshalls for this race. Bring a folding chair. You'll be sitting somewhere on the course and wired up with an awesome neon yellow vest and given a cool walkie talkie. If there's any people with mechanical issues, cutting the course, etc you'll call it in on your fancy space age radio.

12:00pm - 5:30pm
Course Marshall
Sit on the course helping supervise a race. See event description for more!
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Contact the event organizers: Dominic