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St. Monica's Guild 1st Meeting (Parents Guild) of the year, One freshman parent and all grade parents are encouraged to attend!

Wednesday, August 10 2016

The Guild serves to provide support in a variety of ways, specifically fundraising. In the spirit of patron St. Monica, the Guild is also focused on the spiritual and emotional well-being for all boys who attend Damien High School. This effort can be seen through the work of outreach and bereavement ministries sponsored by St. Monica’s Guild. We are also looking for two secretary positions (male or female) for an hour meeting/1x a month which will satisfy part of the 20-hour obligation early. In your attendance, all new and existing parents are given an hour once one parent signs up in Track Forward and signs in that evening. The meeting will be in the lunch area (which is near the quad) only not the faculty lounge ! Text Erma the night before for further details 909-210-6364 or email erminiacross1220@gmail.com

7:00pm - 8:00pm
SMG 1st of year meeting
Parent's Guild

Contact the event organizer, Provenzano Christina