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Cultural Awareness Day Donations

Friday, February 21 2020

Hello everyone! To celebrate our many cultural histories with food and entertainment, we need help with donations to make this an amazing day for our young men! If you can please donate any of the various items listed below, we would be most appreciative!! Please bring with receipt attached!

6:00am - 6:00am
Nitrile gloves
non-latex gloves -1 box (medium or large)
1 / 15
Divider Plates
plates with sections for multiple food samples
small bowls
to hold single serving of soup-50
0 / 8
35 bottles
0 / 20
Costco Gift Cards
Smart and Final Gift Cards
Party City Gift cards
Any cultural decorations for outside
8 oz. coffee cups
to hold meaty soup portions- 25
2 / 16

Contact the event organizer, Curry Angela