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Freshman Study Hall Snacks

Friday, December 13 2019

To help our freshmen prepare for their first semester of high school finals, we will host a Freshman Study Hall, providing test prep assistance across the subjects.

We are asking for granola bar donations to be offered as snacks for the students during this study hall. We hope to have a total of 300 granola bars donated.

When signing up for a donation "shift", please indicate approximately how many boxes of granola bars you would like to donate. Please bring all donations (with your receipt and family name attached) to the front office by Friday, December 13th. Thank you very much for your help!

60 count box (Costco/Sams)- Granola Bar donation
Donate 60 count (Costco) size box of granola bars
5 / 5
8 count box - Granola Bar donation
Donate 8 count (grocery store) size box of granola bars
18 / 25

Contact the event organizer, Birchler Carrie