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Companionship-- HomeCare Hospice

HomeCare Hospice is looking for volunteers to provide companionship for their patients in the Oxford area. A companionship volunteer should be able to visit with a patient at least once a month.
The Volunteer Coordinator for HomeCare Hospice will match you with a patient (or patients if you are willing to visit more than one).

What does volunteering for hospice look like?
Being a companionship volunteer through hospice is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Hospice volunteers have mentioned how much the patients empower them by listening to their memories, their life stories, and their experiences. Some volunteers play card games or puzzles, listen to music, watch their favorite movies with them and just being present in that moment for them.

Interested volunteers should sign-up to get started! In the notes, add the time(s) and day(s) that you would be available.

Director will connect with potential volunteers with next steps.
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Contact the event organizers: Lauren Hurt, Marlee Carpenter