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You've Got a Friend in Me - Capstone Project

Thursday, November 21 2019

My name is Karly Pearson and I am a senior here at Silver Creek. I am looking for volunteers for my capstone project!
My project is called You've Got a Friend in Me, and I am going to get a group of high school volunteers to dress up as Disney characters to go visit children in the hospital and do a fun craft with them for a couple of hours. It is at the Children's Hospital in Denver, we will provide transportation and it would be in the morning on a school day. We are still figuring out the specific date but the first visit will be in October.

I need about 10-15 volunteers per visit, there will be a visit every other month and there will probably be 4 visits and I can take different people to each visit.

I am hoping to get nice costumes but I'm not sure how many I am able to get and if I will get them in time for the first visit so if you have a nice Disney costume please bring it or let me know if I could borrow it for a visit, that would be awesome!

This is a great opportunity for volunteer hours and to go visit children in the hospital. This has been done before and the response from the children is heartwarming, so if this sounds interesting to you please sign up!

if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or even ideas for my project, here is my contact information:
Email: Pearso.karly13@svvsd.org
Phone number: 575-973-8331

10:30am - 3:00pm
help with crafts at Children's hospital- need to get permission from parents and also make sure your teachers know what is going on. You need a permission slip from MS. A
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Contact the event organizer, Carrie Adams