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Christmas Bazaar - Bake Sale Donation

Friday, December 06 2019

There is a list of suggestions below if you are struggling with an idea of what to send to the Bake Sale on Friday. Of course, these are just suggestions and you are welcome to make anything and send it to school Thursday afternoon or Friday morning! The bake sale will take place in the Student Commons. Cakes/pies/breads can be brought whole. Please individually wrap all other items. Thank you!

PreK - cupcakes
Kindergarten - pies/cookies
1st - fudge/brownies
2nd - biscuits/snack mix
3rd - cakes
4th - cupcakes
5th - cookies
6th-12th - any baked goods

7:30am - 8:30am

Contact the event organizer, Lauren Harrell Liz Harrell